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Not good value

This app uses raster charts. There are several other apps that use the vastly superior vector charts for similar or slightly higher price.

Accurate portable iPhone iPad friendly.

Have latest Raymarine system. INavX accurate and is another nav system on board. Up to date Noaa charts at home superb planning tool. Excellent value! Alex Peck

Saved me!

My chart plotter quit on the eve of my single-handed 100-mile race; I thought I was done. A quick check on the Apple store revealed iNavX, I thought Id give it a try. It was great! I plugged in my Waypoints and, unbelievably, I was off finding my way around Lake Ontario even in the dark. Now I will always have a backup.

Not great

Still doesnt have a good "project waypoint" function - something all Garmin handhelds have.

Lake Powell?

Where is Lake Powell?????

Coastal cruising navigation

I have used this program as the primary navigation program for almost 4000 miles of cruising. I have found the features very useable including setting up a course with preset waypoints and following to destination. The ability to quickly determine distance and bearing to various points along the route is excellent. Finally, the dashboard showing distance, SOG, COG, and how far your COG is off the projected course is very helpful. I have had use of a chart plotter on the boats for all trips but this program is much easier to use. Boatload

Excellent customer services

I few months ago, I found an area in the Chesapeake that pulled up the wrong chart. When I sent the developer an email, he acknowledged the bug quickly, and indeed in a week or two the correction was included in the next revision! I am a very satisfied user. By the way, it may not be clear that NOAA charts are all included at no extra charge. Download most of your desired charts using wifi to avoid data usage. I could not get 5.0 to work on one device, so I didnt update the other. I replaced my phone, so I had to go with 5.0.3, which seems ok on an iPhone SE. Still the best!

Awesome app

When it comes to marine navigation, no app comes even close to iNavX. As an avid sailor, I have tried many different marine navigation apps to enhance my sailing adventures and iNavX has consistently been there for me. A must have for any passionate marine explorer!!

iNavX - Thank You for Keeping Me Safe

I sail and angle often - Ive tried many other apps but I keep finding myself coming back to iNavX each time. This is easily the best and the price is a steal for the amount of features you guys provide. Thank you for keeping me safe and creating beautiful memories for many many years. Keep up the good work!

Jefe de Navegacion

The best and always getting better.


This is my #1 back up to paper and Mk I Mod 0 eyeball. Rendering and georectification is spot on. It has never let me down.

Best maps

This app has the best nautical maps. It has more detail than navionics or blue chart. The only problem is that the maps do not connect, so one needs to switch maps as you travel. I dropped my rating one star after the update as theyr weather does not work as advertised. It does not display as an overlay and simultaneously replaces the underlying chart with a solid tan box.

The BEST boating and Marine Navigation App

Without a doubt this is the best marine navigation app. Ive tried them all now and iNavX is the only app I used. Whether Im sailing in San Francisco or open ocean racing, iNavXs comprehensive features and access to all the charts I need, clearly sets it apart. Dont be nickel-and-dimed by cheaper apps with all their IAPs. I ended up spending a lot more than what iNavX charges and got a fraction of the features. More importantly, through iNavXs partnership with X-Traverse I got all the international charts I need. Really helpful when I was sailing the Virgin Islands this spring.

Best marine navigation app!

Been using for years and just getting around to leaving a review. Amazing chartplotter but even better integration with my AIS, GPS, etc. Love all the chart options. Nothing better! Cant say enough good things.

Great features, UI could be simplified

This is a fantastic app. Has everything you need to cross oceans. The UI could definitely use a simple overall to be propelled in a class of its own. Its hard to navigate the menus and options and key features require getting use too and lots of taps. Chart selection and management is not obvious, cant change alarm settings or night mode with going trough long list and many taps. Improve the UI!

Revised review: High cost of expiring $$ charts

I used iNavx for a great lakes coastal race and it was a great tool. The ease of tracking your course, generating a log, measuring distances, creating routes made this a great tool. Some things Id love to see: Ability to arrange the displays on the instrumentation page (not just pick what shows), a "jot" layer over the chart where you can scribble while you plan & measure, ability to show some instrumentation on the chart page, tools to help with "what if" course planning (i.e. alternative routes and possible ETA to waypoint using GRIB or provided data). This is a great app -- the overall rating is driven down by unfair complaints about the cost of additional maps; something they cant control. For coastal sailing in the Great Lakes the free NOAA maps work fine as long as youre not heading into a Canadian harbour. No one expects their Garmin GPS to come with free maps for the world. REVISED REVIEW: SEPTEMBER 2016-- The functionality hasnt changed. Thats good and bad. Good, because it works, bad because there has been no progression (i.e. no Apple Watch support to show COG, BTW, VMG). The *biggest issue* is the maps. You pay top dollar for maps, but they are for only one year. So your up front costs are iNavX PLUS $70 or $140 or more annually for you charts. While they still work after a year, if you get a new device or (like me) had them just disappear after an OS upgrade, youre out of luck. Pay again. They blame the map publishers, but I think that the source of the issue is X-Traverse, their exclusive map partner. I also believer that they intentionally purge maps after OS upgrades or when restoring from a backup to ensure that you need to keep your subscription running. Look to other navigation apps where you get highly detailed charts for a small annual fee as opposed to iNavXs giant annual fee.

Amazing, Accurate, 5X Navigation

I can depend on iNav more than the installed navigation system on my boat! Thank you very much for the most updated, accurate & easy to use app! --Dr Murray Johnson

Crossed the Pacific with it!

San Francisco to Hawaii - worked great all the way across on an iPad - came into Hilo 4AM - overtaken by a squall - steered according to iNavX - found ourselves exactly where it said we were relative to the channel markers when the squall passed ... Excellent!

Flawless App

iNavx is a superb app. It works perfectly as a backup chart plotter. It performs as well, and certainly more intuitively, than the Furuno NavNet plotter on my boat. With the addition of Navionics bathymetry charts and Hiltons satellite charts, its a powerful fishing tool.

aIs data unreadable when the night view is selected on settings page.

After the release of the 5.0 version, the AIS data shown on the balloons is invisible in the night view settings. Please fix that, because I prefer to use the app in the night view mode. Thanks.

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