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Very useful. May be missing some more details for the tuamotu archipelago.

iNavX is good

The problem could be with the Navionics maps whose reliability/accuracy becomes questionable

Bug and trouble on 4.71

I made the upgrade and what a bad idea. Its know impossible to edit waypoint. A shame.

The best

Best navigation app on the market so far

Simply the best

For a professional skipper, its probably the most powerful and the most efficient application to sail.

Not working for iPhone

I just bought the App. I try to add one of their chart for the place I am, every time: "you need to upgrade your account" ! I tried everything in their unpractical website ! Just bought for nothing...

Ais screen

It just lacks an AIS dedicated screen for own ship data like SOG/COG/HDG. Thanks

aIs data unreadable when the night view is selected on settings page.

After the release of the 5.0 version, the AIS data shown on the balloons is invisible in the night view settings. Please fix that, because I prefer to use the app in the night view mode. Thanks.


Gutes Programm aber karten Marine navionics nicht im AppStore kaufen - sie sind nicht kompatibel Note carefully that as discussed above, the Navionics Mobile regions sold on the Apple App Store are not compatible with iNavX software. You may wish to purchase one or more Navionics Mobile regions from the Apple App store if that product contains the features which you desire.


Again the best AIS supporting map. The new update solved all problems I found! Thanks for the well working programm!

Chartplotter lite

I like this app. It can download raster charts, look at them and get a familear course and velocity indicator. The iPhone gps is not as responsive as a Garmin or raytheon for getting accurate speed and course so I doubt that it will be useful for sailing. Perhaps Powerboating though. Id prefer to use ENC charts than Raster. Perhaps later.


iNavX, it s a good application but they are only charts for USA because NOAA/Maptech give maptech charts and Encs. I would like put my nauticals charts. If MacENC can send the charts for iNavX it s very good. For this time i paid 50 dollars and i can not use. Like the oziexplorer app can send to ozi pocket th charts. I do not want a server to dl my charts i want put my charts i have already scanned... I don t want pay more..... I want read grib file for see the meteo......


This application is absolutely amazing. I purchased it when it was originally launched and have used it over and over ever since. To take full advantage, youll want to have an X-Traverse account ($10/year) as well as purchased digital charts (ex. CHS) and if you own a Mac, GPSNavX. This application and GPSNavX allow your maps to seamlessly sync between your computer and iPhone - including Waypoints, Tracks/Routes, etc. I use CHS Charts on a daily basis with this app and they are fantastic! Ever enter an unknown water area and youre unsure about depth levels? No problem, just pop open the app and using the devices built in GPS (no cell signal required) it pulls open the map that relates to your current position and tracks you as you go along, so you can safely see where youre going. A fantastic app, and kudos to the GPSNavX team for another GREAT product!

The iPad version is even better

Just received my iPad 3G from the states. The iPad version of iNavX is amazing. Charts load so fast and are really easy to see, even in high sunlight. Love some of the new features too. The GPS receiver on the iPad 3G seems to be much better than on the iPhone so position updates are much more rapid, generally with better accuracy. I really like how the compass row is now integrated as a strip along the top of the chart. Very easy to read without using too much real estate which I prefer to have dedicated to chart view. I have the official CHS Georgian Bay charts loaded. Cant wait to go boating. Just a few more weeks...

Warning Canadian Maps are $70 Extra per region

Sold in Canadian iTunes Store with hundreds of US specific maps, extremely limited Canadian maps. Great Lakes have only the US Coast Guard Maps. Poor coverage of Georgian Bay, no coverage of Simcoe and limited coverage around major waterways such as Toronto or Kingston. For example best map for Toronto has a map scale of 1:400,000 or 1:1,500,000 for Georgian Bay. minus two to three stars. NavX - package your goods for the market you sell them in. Either give Canucks a free update with the Canadian maps, or disclose that there is no Canadian content in your app description. Software seems OK for functionality.


The detail for the BC gulf island coast is not as detailed as it could be.


Very limited info for Canadian West Coast;get Marine BC instead, it wont you off by hiding limitations. You have to pay mega bucks for each Canadian chart.

Slick App

This app works great. Formatted perfect for the iPad. Not sure why people are complaining. NOAA has plenty of free map downloads of the Great Lakes. If you need any more details buy the CHS charts... The app can replace any garmin handheld unit!

Great App

Bought this App a year ago and have used it every time we have gone out on the boat. We are on the Rideau system and the maps are great. One evening it got dark earlier than I expected and used it to get back. It is accurate to within 1 meter of the channel markers and got us back safe. Somebody complained about the price on charts, checked Fisheries and paper maps for the entire Rideau is 56.00. A one year license with all the updates is 70.00. dont think it is overpriced and is very user friendly and you only pay for maps you actually want and can use. I recommend this app for everyone that has a boat and doesnt want or need to invest in a chart plotter. I am glad I have this App. Keep up the good work!

Maps extra and expensive

Not impressed raster based scanned charts and Canadian west coast charts $169 each. Like an earlier reviewer wish I could get my money back. I then purchased Navionics app way better, vector maps and full data coverage of Canada at no additional charge.

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